Piazze Celimontana Scuola Materna


Piazze Celimontana is located in Rome, Italy, and currently is bordered by three main roads rendering the current park undesirable. In the event that an elementary school (scuola materna) is built within the confines of this vehicle- dominated space, design solutions seek to address the issue of noise, safety, and typologies expected by the local culture. The elementary school is embedded, almost hunched down, in an effort to reflect the noise upwards and outwards from the spaces within. A courtyard is included as well, aligned with Italian tradition, and serves as a safe area for the children to play outdoors. Passive cooling and lighting is integrated where possible. Since the school is a relatively low structure, the roof replaces the displaced park, providing multiple routes of circulation above, as well as greenways. The roof’s lip touches down in four areas to allow for access and also shelters programs such as a bar | cafe, a restaurant, and exhibition space, all of which have their outdoor extensions. The exterior spaces also feature trees and pools for evaporative cooling purposes, as well as acting as a sound barrier.